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全天SG飞艇人工在线计划_皇马防守真是辣眼睛!散步式防守 库尔图瓦被坑哭


   Real Madrid's defense is really spicy. In the game against Shakhtar Donetsk, the Real Madrid lost three consecutive goals at halftime.

皇马的防守真是辛辣。在与顿涅茨克(Shakhtar Donetsk)的比赛中,皇家马德里在中场休息连续三个进球。

In the 27th minute of the match, Real Madrid lost the first goal. Varane was snatched up. Militan defended one-on-one. When Marcelo assisted, he missed the player on the left. Courtois was just like that. Breached. Only five minutes later, Real Madrid lost the second goal, Varane made a eager relief and accidentally took an own goal.

在比赛的第27分钟,皇家马德里失去了第一个进球。 Varane被抢走了。 Militan一对一捍卫。在马塞洛的协助下,他错过了左边的球员。库图瓦就是这样。违反了。仅仅五分钟后,皇马输掉了第二个进球,瓦拉内急切地松了口气,无意中打入了自己的进球。

   Real Madrid's third goal also exposed the downturn of the entire defense. The defenses of Militang, Varane and Marcelo were easily pierced by the opponents. Militang did not chase back quickly and saw the opponent score.

皇马的第三个进球也暴露了整个防守的低迷。对手很容易地突破了米利当,瓦拉内和马塞洛的防守。 Militang没有迅速追回并看到对手得分。

   Real Madrid fought back in the second half, but the pit in the first half was too big, and finally lost 2-3 at home. Real Madrid suffered two consecutive losses in all competitions. (Tony)

皇家马德里在下半场进行了反击,但上半场的进洞太大,最终在主场全天SG飞艇人工在线计划输掉了2-3。皇家马德里在所有比赛中均连续两次亏损。 (托尼)