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   Former F1 driver Kubica said: F1 should be happy to keep Vettel next season, but the future Aston Martin team will not be easy either.


   Earlier this month, Vettel announced that he would join the Match Point team next season. This means that even if he does not renew his contract with Ferrari, the 2020 season will not be his last season.

本月初,维特尔宣布他将在下个赛季加入Match Point团队。pk10在线预测网这意味着即使他不续签与法拉利的合同,2020赛季也不会是他的最后一个赛季。

   Vettel and Match Point signed a multi-year contract for the 2021 season and beyond. "Vettel’s season is not easy, of course you can quickly make a negative evaluation of him, if you only look at the results. But he is still a great driver, transfer to a new team will give Your motivation brings passion and happiness."

维特尔和Match Point签订了2021年及以后的多年合同。 “维特尔的赛季并不容易,如果只看结果,你当然可以很快对他做出负面评价。但是pk10在线预测网他仍然是一个伟大的车手,转会到一个新的团队会给你的动力带来激情和幸福。”

"Playing for Ferrari has never been an easy task. Of course, playing for Aston Martin will not be easy, but with the new team, there will always be new challenges and opportunities. F1 should be able to continue to stay. Vettel is happy." Kubica said in an interview with


   Kubica signed a one-year contract with Williams for the 2019 season, but he should leave F1 after the season. He admitted: F1 is sometimes very cruel. He returned to Williams last season and only scored one point. Considering that teammate Russell didn't get a single point, the outside accusations were more directed at the team than the drivers.


Kubica said: "F1 can be beautiful or cruel. People will quickly forget who you are, what you have achieved and what you can do. Many people try to end the last race of a driver. After evaluating you, this method is the simplest, but not the best method. The overall performance of the car is crucial to the performance. Sometimes you can have a competitive car, sometimes not (competitive car )."

库比卡说:“ F1可能是美丽的,也可能是残酷的。人们会很快忘记你是谁,你取得的成就和能做什么。很多人试图结束驾驶员的最后一场比赛。在对你进行评估之后,这种方法是最简单的,但不是最好的方法。汽车的整体性能对性能至关重要。有时您可以拥有pk10在线预测网一辆有全天SG飞艇人工在线计划竞争力的汽车,有时却没有(有竞争力的汽车)。”

"At the Red Bull Racing Team, Vettel played for the right team at the right time; at Ferrari, he fought for the championship but didn’t win it. But it proves that (to make a good impression) you need to be at the right A team with the right time. As a driver, you must know what you can do. You must be down to earth, be realistic, and keep improving." He concluded.