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全天SG飞艇人工在线计划  According to the report of "Sport Witness", the British media reported that in the Manchester United 1-6 Tottenham game, B Fee had a quarrel with his teammates and Suo Shuai at halftime, so he was replaced early at halftime. B Fei denied the report, saying that B Fei affirmed Solskjaer's plan and had no complaints against Sao Shuai.

根据《体育见证》的报道,英国媒体报道说,在曼联1-6托特纳姆热刺比赛中,B·费在中场休息时与队友和索帅发生争吵,因此他在中场休息时被替换。 B Fei否认了该报道,称B Fei确认了Solskjaer的计划,对Sao Shuai没有任何投诉。

The Mirror’s previous exclusive news stated that in Manchester United’s 1-6 loss to Tottenham, B Fee was accidentally replaced at halftime. The reason was that during the intermission, B Fee had a fierce encounter with Suo Shuai in the locker room. quarrel. A Manchester United internal source said: "He shouted in the locker room,'We should be Manchester United', you can't hear it. He was angry when he walked into the player's aisle, obviously in a rage. He criticized his teammates and accused them of not defending Manchester United. He kept yelling, “We are Manchester United, this shouldn’t happen.” Obviously the coach has also been criticized because he has been talking about using the wrong tactics. Others also raised their voices, but B Fee’s voice Is the biggest."

《镜报》先前的独家新闻称,在曼联1-6托特pk10在线预测网纳姆热刺的失利中,B·费在半场休息时被意外替换。原因是在中场休息期间,B Fee在更衣室与Suo Shuai进行了激烈的相遇。吵架。曼联内部消息人士说:“他在更衣室大喊,'我们应该是曼联',你听不到。当他走进球员的过道时,他很生气,很生气。他批评队友。并指责他们没有为曼联辩护。pk10在线预测网他不停地大喊:“我们是曼联,这不应该发生。”显然,教练也遭到批评,因为他一直在谈论使用错误的战术。其他人也表达了全天SG飞艇人工在线计划自己的声音,但B Fee的声音最大。”

According to the report of "The Athletic", internal sources of Manchester United revealed that in the fiasco of Tottenham’s match, B Fee was not happy to be replaced at halftime. The source said, “Anyone will be unhappy if they are replaced in this situation, which makes the whole world feel unhappy. It feels like your fault. Fei was very direct in this incident, and he still has three international games to play after that game. It feels that Suo Shuai also wants to protect him, not to make him too depressed on the court. ’

根据《竞技报》的报道,曼联内部消息透露,在托特纳姆热刺的惨败中,B·费很不愿意在中场休息时被换下。消息人士说:“如果在这种情况下更换他pk10在线预测网们,任何人都会感到不高兴,这会使整个世界感到不高兴。感觉像是你的错。费孝通在这次事件中非常直接,在那场比赛之后,他还有3场国际比赛。感觉索帅也想保护他,而不是让他在球场上过于沮丧。 ’