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In an interview, Chelsea coach Lampard talked about the English football's response to the new crown epidemic. He said: "We paid for the nucleic acid test for Barnsley. This is what the Premier League team should do."


Lampard said in the interview: "From the perspective of my identity and the head of the team, the way this club has responded to the new crown epidemic makes me proud."


"In the beginning, the club decided not to fire employees, or issued a similar statement. We turned the Chelsea hotel into a hotel for National Health Service staff and donated a lot of money to charities. I think the club's response very good."


"As far as football itself and sports are concerned, I think the Premier League, as a collective, absolutely must support EFL and lower-level leagues and grassroots football. This is very important because this is the foundation for all of us here."


"I have participated in the English Championship and I know their difficulties. Because I have a close relationship with Derbyshire owner Mel Morris, I know the difficulties the club faces."

“我参加了英格兰锦标赛,我知道他们的困难。因为我与德比郡老板梅尔·莫里斯(Mel Morris)有着密切的关系,所以我知道俱乐部面临的困难。”

"I can't be too politicized because I don't know enough about the specific data, but I do think that the Premier League and the Premier League clubs have this intention and understand it. I believe that as we move forward, they will take positive steps in this regard. action."


"Today's environment may cause bigger problems. And again, I don't know the specific data."


"But if we want to discuss the football field separately and discuss how the Premier League teams can help the lower leagues, we have paid for the nucleic acid test for Barnsley. We are still waiting for the result, and hope it is a good result."


"I think this is a signal for Premier League clubs to think about what to do. Games like the Carabao Cup are very important because their place in the football chain is very important. I think this is right. Most Premier League clubs are like this. do."