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Tiger Fight, October 9th Argentine coach Scaloni attended the post-match press conference with Ecuador


Won, this is the most important thing, because this is the World Cup, there is nothing more important than winning. The situation of the game is not easy, and the conditions are also unfavorable in all aspects, including our home stadium without fans, and facing an opponent like Ecuador who is good at impact and pressing, we have not played or trained for nearly a year, but we have to look forward. Because we still need to adjust, every game has made some progress. I am satisfied with the team's efforts and dedication today, especially on the defensive end, not conceding the ball, this is very important, we still have time to adjust the offense.


How to say this, I did say this before, and this is no problem. Several of our goalkeepers are very good and the competition is fierce, but Almani has always been a goalkeeper with an excellent level, which is the most important.


First of all, we need to consider that our players are somewhat uncomfortable. We need to look at their check results and, most importantly, their recovery. After that, we need to study this game, because the objective conditions of this game will definitely be different, and our goal is definitely to win.


I think both are. We lost Locherso before. This is also an important player who can create more opportunities on the left and center and help. After that, we chose Acuna. Of course, Acuna is a player who can contribute a lot on the wing. Today we did make some sacrifices in order to win. We need to continue to adjust the team's offense. This is also the goal of our training camp.


Messi and I have discussed with many players. Today we probably have more than 5 players making their debut in the national team. This is not easy. It is not easy for them to make their debut and win. Our opponents are also more decisive, especially in the press, which created a lot of pressure on us, made us encounter difficulties, and our young people also made some mistakes.


I think they are all important. First of all, we need to emphasize what the team has done well and at the same time face up to the areas that have not done well. Today's team performance is relatively stable. In the world preliminaries, defense is the most important thing. After that, we can slowly adjust the offensive issues.


I don't know the specific details, but I think everyone knows that there is nothing wrong with Messi and the teammates of the national team. This scene should also prove this. Our internal relations are very good.